Rough, Tough, and Tumble

12 May

These last few weeks have been very hard on me emotionally, physically and mentally. My husband hurt himself at work so bad that I now have to drive him to all of his appointments on top of working, and taking care of our children. One with an IEP established for his ASD and another one that is in the process of getting his  due to his  ADHD.  All of my children are in some form of therapy (I am a firm believer in therapy for all). There are issues my children feel like they want to spare my feelings from, or they are scared I or my husband would look at them differently, even though as far as I am concerned they can come to me with anything and I would not judge them for it. Any way there is a reason why I started this post, but it will have to wait for the time being. I will be back soon.


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