The reality of Adult-ing, Kaleidoscope style.

3 Mar

Hello, Hello, Hello, and welcome to my humble blog (can you guess where I snagged most of that line from?). In between sending paperwork to the law office and trying not to cuss out my scanner, I was thinking of snazzy title for this entry that would catch the eye, and well… Any who, moving on. I promised on my FaceBook blog page that I would give an exclusive in depth look at the inner working of the space between my ears (think Herman’s head style thought process). I have come to the conclusion that being an adult is a lot like looking through and being a part of a kaleidoscope. It is confusing, overwhelming, sometimes anxiety inducing, but once you get passed the disorientation and chaos it is also beautiful and wonderful as hell.

First off, who ever came up with the Hashtag #thestruggleisreal either needs to be kissed, with a fist, across the face…repeatedly, or hugged…I haven’t decided yet, but the person that came up with the hashtag #hashtag has firmly earned option one. My 10yr old goes around saying it on repeat and I have had to ban it from ever coming out of his mouth, it is now on the naughty word list along with crap and stupid. Now that I have gotten that out of my system I can move on…

First I will start with personal update. I have had two surgeries almost exactly one year apart. The first was a very personal one I struggled with for many years but came to the conclusion I would rather put up with people telling me I took the easy way out, then spend my time figuring out how to explain to my children  why I couldn’t go on walks with them, that after only one block I couldn’t breath and my whole body hurt from carrying so much weight, or why I couldn’t go on rides with them at the fair. I think the last straw was when I had to explain to the kids why other children made fun of their mothers weight. So, I made the decision to get the Vertical Gastric Sleeve and I have not once regretted it. Since March 1st 2016 I have lost 90lbs and want to lose about 5 to 10 more. I believe if I did not have this surgery done I would be very sick by now. I also do not think I would be able to work in the field I do. You see I work with autistic children (if you have read any of my other post you already know that I have a child who is on the spectrum) so this job is very near and dear to my heart. In order for me to do what I have to, I have to be able to get up and run after an eloper, or stoop down to initiate eye contact. The second surgery I had was on the 28th and it was a septoplasty which is a fancy word for deviated septum repair, or it is were they went in straightened my nose and removed any excess cartilage so I could breath properly. Recovering from it is interesting to say the least. It was an out patient procedure and now I have plastic splints in my nose that I have to wait for another 4 days for them to be removed! If you are planning on having it done get plenty of chap stick, you are going to be breathing out of your mouth for 7 days and it can get pretty dry.

Now on to the new adventure our family has embarked on!! Right after having major surgery on March 1st I though it would be a hoot to move our family 2 1/2 hours away from my home town (never said I was always the brightest crayon in the box!). Now I can say a year after the move it was one of the best decision we could have made for our children. Where we came from two of my children were getting bullied. One for having autism and the other for being in a wheelchair. Now we are at a place where they are thriving. My son is getting many of the services he was lacking before and it is helping him become self-sufficient and is doing wonders for his self-esteem. My daughter has made some great friends who understand her, and she and her youngest brother were scouted by a modeling school(we turned them down though). I think the only thing I miss from my old home town is my friends and family. I classify myself as an introverted extrovert (I know it doesn’t make sense but let me explain my logic here!). I am an outgoing person when I am comfortable in my surroundings, and when I need to be at work (it’s easy when you’re working with kiddos) but if you get me into a group setting or even if, lets say my husband is introducing me to someone, I clam up and I can’t talk to them. I just do not feel comfortable and it doesn’t help that I am what you would call empathic. I take on the emotions of others, even people I don’t know and it can be exhausting! So like I said, being an adult is like looking through or, rather living life like it is a kaleidoscope!


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