Where has the time gone?

7 Jun

Wow, it has been about three plus  years since I have written last. There has been a lot of life lived, loved ones lost, and new loves entering the world. There have been many hard trying times, but so many more joyous ones. My family and I have moved from that going nowhere fast town, to one that has more to offer. It is funny how when you sit down and are ready to write everything you have to say just flies out the window when you have the blank page sitting before you.  I guess it doesn’t help that as I am typing this chaos surrounds me. The kids are officially off for the summer, and this is the first traditional summer vacation they will have off. I have music blasting in my ear, which I actually enjoy and my husband going back and forth changing stuff and moving stuff around.  So I think it is time for me to cut this short and come back at a later time. Just wanted to show everyone or anyone, really, that I am still around.


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