One of those posts

1 Apr

This is going to be one of those post were I am going to bitch and moan, and just vent. I have been working my ass off to help support this family, and for a while now I have been the sole financial support which I haven’t minded because my husband was getting his class B with the promise of a full time job. Well they still want to hire him but there is some lag in one of the processes. Well now my husband is being a jerk. He is upset about not working (which I understand)but now he has been going behind my back to get stuff (a reoccurring problem) but when I tell him that I want to get something for my health he flips out and says we don’t need it. Well we didn’t need the items he got, AND he went behind my back to do it. I don’t know what to do. He also has a friend that calls all the time and when he and I are suppose to be spending time together he is talking or texting him. Not to mention this friends wife has said horrid things about me.  What am I suppose to do?


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