Ramble, Ramble, insert insightful thought, and Ramble again

11 Mar

  I have been extremely busy lately with my new job (working as a bakery cashier, not a glamorous job, but I am blessed to have it.) Still a full time student and I have been doing taxes on the side. I have also started writing a new book (taking my time) so I haven’t had time to update to much(not like I have anyone waiting on pins and needles for my next post).  I think this post is going to be all over the place. You have been forewarned.

    Random thought/observation- It is an adjustment going from being one of the youngest in my social group, to one of the oldest at work. I have come to realize that the younger generation has less and less respect for others.  Now not only do they gossip behind backs, but they have no qualms with telling individuals that they are “big” or “old”. Now I am not suggesting that it does not happen with older generations, but from what I have encountered it happens more frequently with individuals from the ages of 19-25. However, for every one rude person(that I work with) there are three (again that I work with) that are nice, positive, upbeat, and genuine of all different ages. This is what helps me get up every morning and push through the negative, because there is so much more positive, you just have to get through all the nasty noise the negative makes. I work hard every day and I hope that I have in some way, made a positive impact on our customers/guest that frequent our cafe.

   As far as my schooling goes there are positive and negative as well. The positive; I am on my second to last term before I receive my A.S  in Paralegal Studies (Can I get a woot, woot!). The down side, I have been have difficulty adjusting to my work schedule and class/homework time, so I have been barely making it by with my grades. So I am taking a page out of Dora’s (Finding Nemo) book, and “just keep going, just keep going” 🙂

   So I am guessing this is all I have to update for now, but I could be wrong because I am extremely tired and I am seeing double as I am typing, so I think my writings not to shabby all things considered

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