This is my lullaby

26 Oct

Don’t try to be my hero

There is no way to save my life

Carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders

The innocent should never suffer but there are always casualties

I wish I could look at your tear stained face and take all the pain away

This will be my sacrifice just to see the smile on your face

So I will pretend that all has changed

I can look you in the eye and tell you all my pretty lies

I am lost but I will not pull you down with me

The innocent will not suffer in my lullaby

So hush now darin’ close your eyes and in the morning I will start my lies.

I am working up to my darker poems I wrote. All of these poems I have written come from the emotion of events that were happening to me during that period of time in my life. So I am just warming you’ll up.  ; )


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