Path way out of darkness (still working on the title)

16 Oct

Path way out of darkness (still working on the title)
by Sarah Martinez on Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 4:45pm ·

Pathway out of Darkness

I walk a path few can handle

I see things many would never believe

Stepping from the shadows with my head held high

I know in my heart there is more to this lack luster life

I will no longer accept this lie

I will not allow my soul to die

Here I am alone again

When will this struggle end

Take this moment as it is

We will fight the good fight with all our might

We will find what was lost no matter the cost

I know there is more then this

Please be my saving grace

I no longer belong to this place.

Don’t leave me stranded with all these fears

Its coming can you hear it calling

The darkness is all consuming taking all of my senses

Watching, waiting for me to fall to the ground

With tears in my eyes I fall to my knees begging for sweet release.

A poem I wrote a few years ago. Still am trying to decide if it needs more or less.


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