Just One of those Days (WooSaa)

7 Oct

It is one of those days when you get up, come out into the living room and see every single one of your children with a guilty look on their faces. When they have a minute to collect themselves they start telling on each other so they can take some of the heat off themselves. Lets see I had one son decided it would be a great idea to get on to my Kindle Fire without asked so he could play Angry Birds until the battery died. My Step-son was telling me someone got in his push pins and wanted EVERYONE punished for it, because he didn’t know who did it. “Someone” got into the koolaid in the frig and no one wants to fess up and I would say about half my house has been destroyed!! I was only in my room for thirty minutes tops to getting ready for the day. How could this have happened! So now I have each one of them cleaning a designated area of the house. Mommy does not like being lied to. Hopefully they will learn their lesson the first time. If not I need to WooSaaa the moment and let it slide off my back.


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