Just a little about this Blog

4 Oct

Hello blog world! I have decided to make this blog I guess more for me then anyone else. I will be posting Poems I have written, shorts stories I have started and my everyday struggles and accomplishments as a Wife, Mother to four children,  two with special needs (One has Aspergers Autism and the other has A.D.H.D) and one step child as well as being a student of Paralegal studies. I don’t and wont claim that I have perfect grammar, sentence structure, or spelling, but what I write will be honest and from the heart. I do have opinions and I can come off as being “difficult” in my writing at least, I am not like that in real life. I am actually pretty quite, until someone messes with my family, friends or others I consider dear to me. I do have a group of online girls that I consider family and we have our own little name for ourselves, but we will keep that secret until I talk to them about me mentioning it. I am a fierce lover and fighter I am passionate when it comes to things I believe in. I do think that the internet has allowed me to have an alter ego, Kitty is the one that is more out spoken then Sarah, maybe some day you will get to meet her.  I have had a rough life as a child and a young adult again maybe some things I will blog about in the future. I don’t know how often I will update it maybe several times a day, month or a few times a year, but that’s just me. Hope you will come and join me as a share my world of insane thoughts through my writing and day to day struggles trying to be everything everyone needs! Love and Honesty!!


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